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Junk in the Trunk Rate Sheet

Junk Removal Truck FractionsOur truck beds are 12 feet long, eight feet wide, and five feet high. Standard rates are based on volume and are set at fractions of a truck load (see chart below). The rates include loading*, dump fees, and cleanup.

Note: Our trucks are larger than those of most companies in the industry. When receiving estimates, be sure to compare price per cubic yard.

Fraction of Truck Approx. Cubic Yards Visual Reference** Price
Minimum 2.5 1 couch, 1 twin mattress $148.00
1/6 3 1 couch, 1 stove $180.00
1/4 4.5

2 couches, 1 twin mattress

1/3 6 3 couches $330.00
1/2 9

4 couches, 1 stove

2/3 12 6 couches $525.00
3/4 13.25

6 couches, 1 stove, 1 small file cabinet

5/6 15 7 couches, 1 stove $600.00
Full Load 18 9 couches $650.00

**To help you understand how much junk we are able to remove with each fraction of a truck, please use the following as visual references: Couch=2 cubic yards, standard stove=1 cubic yard, twin mattress=.5 cubic yard, small file cabinet=.25 cubic yard.


Where does the junk go?
Junk in the Trunk recycles, donates, or reuses as much of the junk we remove as possible through our Gone For GoodSM network of charity partners.

Our award-winning ECOVERY BoxSM allows us to separate and protect items we donate to charity. Charity tax receipts may be sent to clients upon request. Please keep in mind that items may be rejected by charities. Any leftover items are taken to a local dump.

What can't you take?
It is not legal for us to remove paint, chemicals, fertilizers, solvents, oils, and car batteries. If you allow latex paint to harden by leaving the can open or mixing with cat litter, it becomes safe for us to remove. We also do not remove large amounts of dirt, concrete, or brick.

What are my payment options?
Junk in the Trunk accepts checks and credit cards. Discounts are available for multiple truck loads, repeat clients, and commercial customers.

Call 877-jitt-now (877-548-8669) or e-mail service@jitt.com to schedule


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